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We aim to be your one stop shop for all your affiliate marketing needs! Whether you need your data monetized, traffic for your campaigns or consulting about your daily operations, we got you!

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Affiliate Markting - our playing field

Our team has a combined experience of over 30 years in the affiliate marketing space, and we're here to offer you the best possible way to make sure your goals become achievable

Data Management

Our bread!

We monetize e-mail, sms and webpush data. If you generate your own data but monetization is not your main goal, let us take care of everything for you! Our systems are secure, we're up to the newest standards and our team is eager to help you make the most out of every profile you generate.

Traffic for your affiliate campaigns

Our butter!

This is how we generate money on the data - we generate the clicks to your offers and LOVE to work on a CPA model - so all our work is free of charge until we make those conversions roll in for you.

E-Mail Marketing consulting

Knowledge + the holy POPE

Sending e-mails isn't the same as it was in the year 2000, sending marketing e-mails isn't even the same as it was just 5 years ago! Data is what it is all about, and you need deep insights to make your own visions and dreams come to life. We can assist you with every step of the way and are eager to share our knowledge!

Affiliate Marketing Consulting

To do or not to do

Considering if your campaigns and offers are suitable for affiliate marketing? Need help manouvering around those pitfalls, fraud traffic and scammy networks? We got you! It's a jungle, so obviously you will need Tarzan as your guide!

Why us

That is in fact the million dollar question

The simplest (and shortest) answer is: TRUST

The longer answer is: We believe that when great minds get to ping-pong together, magic happens. Not 2 campaigns are alike, not 2 offer owners have the same objects and goals. For us it is all about being able to find that sweetspot where you would like to sit while your campaigns, offers or data is being nurished and taken care of every step of the way.

  • A name that can be trusted - anno 2015 and still striving to gain new knowledge daily.

  • All our systems are developed internally - that gives a huge advantage over our competition.

  • People first - if the connection doesn't feel right, the business will never thrive.


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Get a piece of the action

Let us tell you a story

Glomotra GmbH (later AG) was started in 2015 in central Switzerland - our Founder had been working in different areas of the affiliate marketing industry for 8 years at that point and his main focus had always been on e-mail marketing. More and more people started to reach out - mainly for consulting, but quickly they realized how much work it is to maintain your own data, campaigns, deliverability + all the secret sauce in between.

An idea was born! Why not offer a one stop shop for all needs in the industry, with particular focus on e-mail marketing. Take the weight off the clients' shoulders while starting to build a team of professionals to add more and more knowledge in-house.

Ready! Set! Action!

Through the last 9 years, this idea has developed better and deeper than ever hoped while still maintaining that 1 very important word: TRUST
Without trust to your name, in a small industry like ours, your worth is 0.

We promise

  • To say "no" when we are not your best option as a partner
  • To be transparent in everything we do for you
  • To treat you like family
  • To listen when you give feedback
  • To never stop learning
  • To always do our very best to reach your goals

In return - we expect the exact same from you!

Meet The Team

A group of individual professionals

We don't share 1 big office - we're spread accross the globe, but together we stand, together we achieve & together we are.

Team Members


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Chief Revenue Officer


Senior Marketing Manager


Senior Marketing Manager


Financial Controller


Front-End Wizard



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